Ann Chery 2025 Waist Latex Trainer Cincher – No Straps

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The Latex Waist Trainer is the secret to getting the Perfect Hourglass Figure. It cultivates your body heat when worn to promote sweating and rid your body of toxins, essentially turning your body into a fat-melting machine. Aggressive compression reduces your appetite by making you feel full on less. The inner Flexi-Boning keeps the garment from “Rolling Up” & losing its shape. Features 2 levels of closure to size down as you lose weight, and seamlessly hides under Fitted Clothing so you have no worries!


*If you are looking to flatten back fat and rolls, click here for the Waist Training Vest!


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30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48


  1. (verified owner):

    Absolutely, Love it! The first day I wore it to work knowing I should only wear it for a few hours but ended up wearing it for 8 hours. By the time I got home o.k. my kidneys hurt a little. It took me a little to get it on the first time, but after that, from the second day and the days to follow it was not bad to get on and I loved how I looked in it. Got rid of my muffin top and this allowed me to wear the blouses I could not wear in the past because of the muffin top. Not only did it give me a fabulous look I always wanted , but also help me feel stronger in my posture. O.K. when you eat, you can’t eat to much and if you do don’t bend over to far because you food will come up in your throat. he…he… All in all I will buy another one in nude or white for the summer. Thank you so much !

  2. (verified owner):

    (by the mrs) I wanted something a little extra to wear under a dress to flatten out my belly a bit. This worked wonderfully. As advertized, it keeps the core nice and warm. I have started wearing it daily under my work clothes. It really helps with keeping good posture.

  3. (verified owner):

    If I were to wear this product under a garment to shrink my waist, it would take away at least 3″. As soon as you put it on, it pulls you in and up with no lumps or bumps. It gives you a smooth curvaceous waistline. It does not work miracles now but that pooch in the front becomes sexy and the muffin top disappears while wearing the cincher. As suggested to me by a peer that purchased one for herself, wear for 4hrs a day. The first few tries, I lasted 1-2 hours and had to remove it. It was hard to breathe in and I was not yet used to the restrictiveness of it. It is great for posture correction for sure. I did not give up, wore it again, and was finally able to last the entire 4hrs. I am not sure but it will probably stretch unnecessarily for worn for a longer period. Either way my waist has shrunk. Nothing significant but I feel it and see it when I look in the mirror. This has been without exercise so I know that it does wonders when incorporated with cardio. I would definitely recommend this product, especially to postpartum .

  4. (verified owner):

    Beyond beneficial!!! I am 5’6 140 pounds and this Definately helped me gain awareness if my senseless eating! And helped me concentrate on my upper and lower body! The tightness Definately serves as a “choose wisely” reminder when eating 😉 great buy!

  5. (verified owner):

    This thing is the truth. I brought it to small purposely. I workout, eat ok and wanna be summer ready. I was able to get into it the first day. its much better than other brands. You can wear it under your clothes undetected also. Im on the second hook already and only had it 2 weeks so I will be ordering a new one soon

  6. (verified owner):

    First of all you have gotta have patience To get result.. Also works faster if you keep a healthy life style, working out and eating heathly..
    To sum it all up this product is Aaaahhmazing!!..

  7. (verified owner):

    Once on its great! But the first time I tried I couldn’t get it on. I had to get my husband to help. By the 3 rd time I got the hang of it. Looks great!

  8. (verified owner):

    As soon as I got the package I went to open it and put the corset on well tried to anyways, my sister had to help me I laid on the bed as we tried fastening me up. We got it and it was tight but I had just ate. I fell in love with the look And the shape it gave me I stayed in it for 24hrs and when I took it off I still had the shape of the corset which made me want to wear it longer. I’m tiny as it is my family didn’t think it would do much but it did and they were so shocked.

  9. (verified owner):

    I loved it!!!! And after 5 days of wearing it I see a difference in frame ALREADY!!! I may be ordering a smaller size in a couple of months at the rate I’m shrinking.

  10. (verified owner):

    I love the product. After reviewing the product for a few weeks I decided to try it. Already down 5 inches! It’s time for me to purchase a smaller size.

  11. (verified owner):

    ************* IF IT IS LOOSE & YOU ARE COMFORTABLE IN IT THEN YOU BOUGHT IT TOO BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    when you first get it DO NOT wear this more than 1 hour a day give your body time to adjust
    ~~~~~I started by progressing each day until I could wear it all day~~~~~~~
    day 1 1 hour
    day 2 2 hours
    day 3 4 hours (if you can)
    day 4 6 hours (if you can)
    day 5 8 hours
    Now I wear it daily for as long as I want.
    I love this product!!!!! I Start wearing this 2 months ago and I will say it was tough to get on the first few days but then you get used to the extreme snugness. I saw results immediately. I lost almost 12 pounds in the first month of wearing this without any changes to diet or exercise at all. It definitely helps with portion control as you cant eat as much in one sitting or you will feel sick. I wear it daily for at least 10 hours. I had to go down a size after the first 30 days. I noticed my clothes were fitting differently with out it on. I recommend this product to every lady. I had back problems for many many years and I will say this has completely eliminated those problems and my posture is much better even when not wearing this cincher. I can’t express how much I love this product. I also have the blue sport version that is good for working out it is shorter than this one but gives double the definition in the waist area.

  12. (verified owner):

    When I first considered purchasing this product I was skeptical. It seemed too good to be true. A durable latex waist cincher that will reduce your waist by three inches, and give you an hourglass silhouette? Crazy talk. Well this one does just that and more. I researched reviews all over the web before buying as well as watched YouTube videos. 95% of all reviews were positive. The other 5% I think just didn’t order the proper size. This product is true to size, however please consider a few things before you order. 1.) Order by bra size, not by your clothing size. This product is designed to fit tighter than what you would normally wear to reduce inches. 2.) It’s latex and smells like latex. If you are allergic or highly sensitive to smells don’t buy it. The smell is minimal and NOT bad at all. It dissipates over time. It smells like a bag of latex balloons. You cannot smell it through your clothing. 3.) Consider where your fat is concentrated. High on your stomach and back, or low? My problem area is low on my stomach. The cincher is tighter at the top under the breast and gets larger down towards the pelvic area. If you have fat at the top order a size up. When I first put this product on I had to have help. It was snug but not unbearable. I practiced all day and by the end of the day I could get it on by myself. It takes some getting used to but you can sit, stand, drive, and even nap in your cincher. I wasn’t able to eat much. Its uncomfortable. I would take it off to eat a full meal and put it back on 1-2 hours after eating. It took me one day to adjust to everything else. I was able to workout in this product but I couldn’t do high cardio because my lungs didn’t have enough room to expand. I’m sure if you start with low impact exercise and work your way up you will be just fine. I was able to do sit-ups. This product was great for my posture and I saw results after consistent use in 1 week. I plan on using this product daily for at least 8 hours a day to train my waist. It really does suck you in about three inches. Just remember it’s not a miracle. Diet and excersice in conjunction with the cincher will get you the lasting look that you want 🙂 The last thing I want to add is I have the bra roll pocket of back fat most ladies have. It’s not big but annoying. I put my cincher on by putting it on from the top-down. I start under the breast putting the cincher high on my back covering that fat bra pocket as I pull it around. I do this by making sure the cincher is high over the fat as I bring it around. It recduces the back fat spillage. If you have too much back fat you may want to consider purchasing their vest. I will try that one next. I hope this helps.

  13. (verified owner):

    I received it 3 days Later .i got it Saturday. Put it on Sunday. May 3 2014. I have been wearing it for a week. For 8 hours a day. Very comfortable. .I couldn’t fit it on the 2nd loop. But today made 1 week. I am on my second loop. .Went out with it on and …Looked so Amazing.Will be ordering my second one. Soon. The Shape it gave me. Was Beautiful. . Being 5’7 170.. Amazing.look for me. My Girls are all ordering one..

  14. (verified owner):

    Absolutely love it! Going into my 2nd week & I’m finally in the 3rd loop. Will be ordering a smaller size soon!

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